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What is SH2OUT Venue Accreditation?

SH2OUT is a joint venture between British Triathlon and the Royal Lifesaving Society which aims to help promote safety and enjoyment in open water swimming. The Venue Accreditation product aims to support and provide a development tool to open water swimming venues, to help them meet SHOUT minimum standards of safety.

How much SH2OUT Venue Accreditation cost?

SHOUT venue accreditation is £385 + VAT per year. This includes guidance from the SHOUT Technical Advisors, a Venue Improvement Plan - if necessary and the Venue Accreditation reward pack on achievement of Interim Venue Accreditation. All Self Certified, Interim and Full accredited venues will be listed on the SHOUT Website.

For how long is SH2OUT Venue Accreditation valid?

SHOUT accreditation will need to be renewed every year, in a rolling process from the date that Interim or Full Venue Accreditation was confirmed. 

How much is SH2OUT Renewal?

Renewal of SH2OUT will be required on a yearly basis and will cost £200 + VAT.  Venues not wishing to renew will be removed from the website and will no longer be able to access reduced costs for SH2OUT services.

On renewal venues will need to re-submit the self-certification documents and will recieve a visit from a SH2OUT Technical Advisor.  This is to ensure that the venue is still operating to SH2OUT standards.  They will then receive an updated reward pack.

What does an accredited SH2OUT Venue receive?

Becoming an accredited venue will improve the public perception of an open water swimming venue by allowing swimmers to know that you have met the minimum safety requirements for a SHOUT accredited venue. Accredited venues will also receive venue promotion through the SHOUT website and a venue reward package, which includes the use of the SHOUT logo, SHOUT email footer, SHOUT social media assets, a certificate and a SHOUT accredited venue feather flag.

Venues will also be able to benefit from reduced insurance costs due to insurers having confidence that your venue has met our minimum standards. We have partnered with Perkins Slade and Sportscover who will be able to work with you to find the appropriate cover.

Accredited venues will also receive help and support from the SHOUT team and up to 25% off SHOUT services such as water quality testing.

Should I only swim at a SH2OUT Accredited Venue?

We want to encourage members of the public to enjoy open water swimming in a safe and enjoyable way. By swimming at a SHOUT accredited venue you know that the venue has met our minimum safety standards. We would always recommend that you take advice if you are new to open water swimming and take steps to ensure you are safe when participating in any form of open water activity. If you would like some further advice on open water swimming, do get in contact with SHOUT.

What should I do if I have feedback on a SH2OUT Accredited Venue?

All feedback on a SHOUT venue should be directed to 

Who carries out the SH2OUT Venue Accreditation site visit?

A SH₂OUT venue accreditation visit will be carried out by a member of the SH₂OUT team. These will be a Technical Advisor and/or a RLSS/British Triathlon Regional Manager who will be able to offer assistance and support throughout the accreditation process. If there are specific areas of the accreditation process that you feel you need assistance with before your visit, please let us know.

What happens when a venue doesn't meet SH2OUT Venue Accreditation minimum standards?

We will endeavour to work with and support venues to bring them up to the SH2OUT minimum standards and have a number of documents and guidance to help venues achieve the minimum standards. Venues who are unable to meet the minimum standards can reapply after 12 months.