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SH2OUT Accreditation is Changing...


SH2OUT are pleased to announce that we are diversifying accreditation. Accreditation will be split into Venue Accreditation, Event Accreditation and Club Accreditation, therefore providing specific guidance and safety marking for open water swimming.

This change has been made so that the safety cover that SH2OUT Accreditation is attached to, is specific and in place for the accredited activities. SH2OUT Accreditation is matched to whoever provides the safety cover, so in splitting the accreditation over these 3 areas open water swimmers can be confident they are swimming in a safe activity.

Venue Accreditation. This is the initial SH2OUT Accreditation whereby a venue is accredited for all open water swimming activities that are held there.

Event Accreditation. For event accreditation it is the event organiser that is accredited and is based on the safety cover that they provide across their events. As the event organiser is the accredited party, all their open water swimming events are SH2OUT Accredited regardless of the venue.

Club Accreditation. Clubs can achieve SH2OUT Accreditation for all their club open water swimming activities. A club will go through the accreditation process and their safety cover will need to meet the SH2OUT criteria. It is the club open water swimming sessions that are covered, whichever venue they hold them at.

The three stages of accreditation (Self-Certified, Interim and Full) will remain across the different types of accreditation. The accredited party will still be required to state that they meet SH2OUT criteria, before having their documentation reviewed by a SH2OUT Technical Adviser and subsequent visit to observe their safety protocols in practice.