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Canal & River Trust Partnership Announced


SH2OUT and the Canal and River Trust (CRT) are pleased to announce their new partnership.

The partnership will see four initial CRT owned open water swimming venues go through the SH₂OUT accreditation process, ensuring that the venues meet SH₂OUT standards for safety. This will then see a further role out in 2019 with more CRT venues aiming to achieve full SH₂OUT accreditation.

With open water swimming now a growing sport in the UK, the SH₂OUT partnership was formed to provide venues with the opportunity to go through an accreditation process to ensures their safety cover meets achievable, industry-standard, set criteria.

The first CRT venues to initiate SH₂OUT accreditation are Toddbrook Open Water Swimming in Derbyshire and Harthill Reservoir in South Yorkshire. The venue accreditation process guides the venues through the three stages ‘Self-Certified’ and ‘Interim’, before finally gaining ‘Full’ in time for the open water swim season to begin. Each venue undergoing the accreditation process has their open water swimming safety provision assessed at each stage.



Richard Parry, Canal and River Trust CEO said:

“The Canal & River Trust is delighted to work in partnership with SH₂OUT to support well-managed open water swimming. The SH₂OUT accreditation is central to the creation of safe swimming venues, giving clubs such as Toddbrook & Yorkshire Open Swimmers, the confidence and knowledge needed to stay safe and to develop their skills so they can encourage others to try open water swimming.

“The support from SH₂OUT in developing our approach to safe open water swimming has been invaluable and we are confident this is the first step, towards a long-term strategic relationship to develop the sport for the benefit of the clubs, groups and communities that our waterways serve.”



TOWS Committee, Glossop Triathlon Club/Toddbrook Open Water Swimming (TOWS) explains:

“As a small not for profit community club, Glossop Triathlon Club found the Safer Venues Course really helpful. I think that the best bit of the accreditation process has been the input that Ian (our Technical Advisor) gave us on our first draft of the documentation. That is alongside the role that SH₂OUT had in enabling us access to him and for facilitating the discussions between ourselves, Canal & River Trust and RLSS UK. I think working with SH₂OUT has really made TOWS an open water swim club that our members feel safe at, as well as providing a friendly atmosphere for swimmers and triathletes alike.”



Andy Salmon, British Triathlon CEO added:

“It is a hugely positive move that Canal & River Trust embraces the value that SH₂OUT accreditation brings to supporting open water venues, in offering safe open water swimming. We are excited to see the crucial development of this partnership with more sites going through the process in the coming months.”



Di Steer RLSS UK CEO said:

 “RLSS UK and British Triathlon are thrilled that Canal & Rivers Trust, have committed to use SH₂OUT as their benchmark for safe open water swimming. Engagement with such a key partner is just the kind of recognition we are aiming for and a pattern we hope, will be mirrored across the UK. Thank you to everyone who has made this possible, it’s a great start to SH₂OUT 2018!”


For more information on the Canal and River Trust please follow this link.