SH2OUT aims to provide market leading education, support and advice to the triathlon and lifesaving communities.

Not only do we aim to inspire new participants to take up open water swimming, but we also want to ensure that the existing triathlon and lifesaving community feel supported and they receive best advice and guidance. SH2OUT will review the current RLSS UK and British Triathlon guidance to ensure it is consistent in terms of messaging across both organisations and that is relevant in the rapidly developing environment. SH2OUT Technical Advisors will deliver this advice via a series of workshops and resources, where the focus will be educating swimmers so they know what to expect from a venue and developing venue operators knowledge, empowering them to deliver best practice within triathlon and open water swimming.

Recognised by SH2OUT

SH2OUT aims to not only provide guidance and resources that have been developed by the unique British Triathlon/RLSS UK partnership, but also ensdorse other programmes, qualifications, services. This will help to help the open water swimmer and stakeholder know what the best options are.

To support with this work, a “Recognised by SH2OUT” logo has been developed. Whenever a programme, qualification, service or resource carries the “Recognised by SH2OUT” logo, then the stakeholder will know that SH2OUT has reviewed and chosen to endorse the product/programme.