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SH2OUT Event Accreditation

Supporting event organisers to ensure open water swimming events are delivered to approved standards.

Recent years have seen a large growth in open water swimming events offered by the commercial sector, venues and clubs. British Triathlon are recognised as the governing body responsible for permitting triathlon events, but there is currently no single body offering the same service and support to open water swimming event organisers.

SH2OUT have developed a supportive accreditation process for open water swimming event organisers to work through, which will not only provide peace of mind to event organisers, but will also provide a valuable promotional tool for their events. This will ensure the events are delivered to approved SH2OUT standards resulting in an amazing swimming experience for participants.

This accreditation process will also provide a kitemark and safety standard, to provide open water swimmers with the peace of mind that the events they are entering are safe and that the event organiser has the appropriate safety procedures in place.  If you would like to learn more about SH2OUT event accreditation or future plans in this area please contact


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