Pool to Pond

The RLSS UK are piloting a new SH2OUT Approved Programme  called “Pool to Pond”.

Pool to Pond has been developed to support a swimmer making the transition from pool swimmer to open water swimmer. The programme will offer flexible opportunities for participants to swim in open water.

There will be three key components:

  • Dry side education with networking and confidence building
  • Pool-based introduction to open water skills
  • Open water introduction to the lake

The swimmer will learn and discuss:

  • Where are you going to swim?
  • When are you going to swim?
  • Who are you going to swim with?
  • What do you need to be aware of and what do you need to plan for?
  • What clothing and equipment do you need – in and out of the water?
  • What basic skills do you need to get the most from your swim?

The benefits to the swimmer?

  • Benefit of engagement for a leisure operator or open water venue
  • Contribution towards drowning prevention
  • Guidance for the instructor and upskilling of existing staff
  • Positive engagement with existing swimmers, perceived added value to membership
  • A new programme that can raise extra income
  • Attracts new swimmers motivated to train for open water
  • Motivates swimmers to make more pool visits to train for open water > open water swimmers need swimming pools
  • Develops links with local open water sessions

RLSS UK are now looking for facilities to deliver Pool to Pond trials, starting with the dry-side and pool programmes and leading into the open water introduction. If you are interested please contact

If you are a swimmer interest in attending a Pool to Pond session, please email